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Warehouse Rack Inspections

According to the Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy (Dz.U. 03.169.1650), the user of racks must ensure they are maintained in a technical condition that guarantees safe operation. The scope of the expert review of warehouse racks is detailed in the standard PN-EN 15635:2010 “Steel static storage systems – Application and maintenance of storage equipment”.

At amRACK, we perform expert technical inspections of racks in accordance with the above standard. The individuals conducting these inspections have over 10 years of experience, making them experts in the field. The technical inspection of racks is concluded with an expert report from the examination of the installation. We also present a comprehensive offer for the delivery and replacement of components. The benefits of rack inspections include:

  • Increased lifespan of racking installations
  • Reduced costs of rack servicing
  • Improved safety in the warehouse
  • Increased awareness among rack users

amRACK rack inspections ensure peace of mind and many years of safe rack operation. We are distinguished by:

  • Many years of experience – The technical inspection of warehouse racks is performed by experts with many years of experience, who are well-versed in the most modern warehouse equipment systems. They know what aspects to pay attention to, to ensure that periodic rack inspections are comprehensive.
  • Team of trained experts – Expert inspections of warehouse racks are carried out by specialists with long-standing experience, who continuously train and improve their qualifications. This guarantees accuracy, as well as the preparation of documentation in accordance with current regulations.
  • Complete documentation – Each inspection of pallet racks and other storage systems concludes with the preparation of full documentation, including guidelines for warehouse management and possible repair instructions. The documents confirm the safety of the warehouse racks.
  • Inspections of all types of racks – We conduct inspections of all warehouse racks, which constitute the basic equipment for storing goods.
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Warehouse Rack Inspections – What You Need to Know

Under existing regulations, a rack inspection is essential for maintaining hygiene and safety in the workplace, such as a warehouse. As the owner, you are obligated to ensure that the inspection is conducted according to the applicable rules, is thorough and comprehensive. By utilizing amRACK’s services, you have the chance to receive all these aspects.

Periodic Rack Inspection is Mandatory

Rack inspections are a duty of every warehouse owner. Failure to perform these inspections not only violates the law but also puts employees at great risk.

During the inspection, we consider all risk factors, thoroughly check the technical condition of the equipment in the warehouse, and pay attention to the smallest damages—all in the interest of the safety of goods and workers. Remember that warehouse rack inspections must be performed no later than every 12 months. It is also necessary to continuously observe and report even the smallest faults by designated employees. Perform regular periodic inspections of warehouse racks to extend their lifespan!

Periodic Rack Inspections Preserve the Warranty

Periodic inspections of pallet racks are often required by their manufacturers. If the owner fails to attend these inspections, they will lose the warranty, and thus, will not be able to enjoy the privileges associated with it.

Ensure Safety in Your Warehouse

By performing a technical inspection of racks, you take care of safety in the warehouse. You ensure the safety of people and goods when technical inspections of warehouse racks are carried out regularly and in accordance with the applicable regulations. Expert inspections of warehouse racks will reveal any irregularities that could lead to tragedy.

Warehouse Rack Inspections – Regulations

The scope of the inspection is detailed in the standard PN-EN 15635:2010 “Steel static storage systems – Application and maintenance of storage equipment”. The goal of the activities carried out by our experts is to provide the client with observations and recommendations regarding maintaining the correct technical condition of warehouse racks.

Warehouse rack inspections are carried out based on currently applicable regulations. There is a complete set of actions that must be performed to check the warehouse racks very thoroughly. An inspection can only be considered complete when:

  • The layout of the racks conforms to the presented plan for warehouse space utilization,
  • The installation of warehouse racks is in accordance with the instructions,
  • The condition of structural elements is checked for any damages,
  • The condition of the floor is verified,
  • Safety measures limiting further damage to warehouse racks are verified,
  • Warehouse markings applied are checked,
  • The expert examines the deviation of the racks from the vertical,
  • The condition of paint coatings is checked for the presence of corrosion,
  • The correctness of goods storage is verified.

A periodic inspection of warehouse racks covers more issues, which are very thoroughly verified by the expert. Each warehouse rack inspection ends with a report, which primarily includes necessary changes to be made in your warehouse (if such a need arises).