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Warehouse Platforms

Introducing a warehouse platform into your facility allows you to maximize the useable space and the volume of the building. You multiply the original area designated for storage, offering vast possibilities for the growth of your business. With amRACK, you have the opportunity to customize the warehouse space to meet your own needs.

The warehouse platforms available in our offer can be easily modified, and their dismantling is neither time-consuming nor labor-intensive. Reusing installation components is possible, and importantly, reassembly occurs without any defects. The benefits of warehouse platforms include:

  • Full utilization of the building’s volume in terms of height,
  • Satisfactory load capacity,
  • Low investment costs compared to the physical expansion of the warehouse,
  • Full adaptation to the individual needs of the client, thanks to the possibility of modifications and many elements to choose from,
  • Simple and quick installation,
  • Easy integration with other storage systems.
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Warehouse Platforms in amRACK’s Offer

Introducing warehouse platforms into your inventory system offers efficient spatial organization, maximizing the storage space available. The warehouse sector is dynamically growing, with ongoing searches for better storage solutions. An optimal solution offered by amRACK is the warehouse platform, designed for use in nearly any warehouse space where additional storage is needed.

We are experts in delivering top-tier warehouse systems, so purchasing a warehouse platform from us ensures its reliability and a perfect fit for your needs. You can purchase a warehouse platform in various dimensions, depending on your warehouse requirements. Both low and high structures must comply with safety regulations. We take special care to ensure a safe usage level for all users.

Our concepts are based on high-quality materials and precise craftsmanship. You can expand your currently used area with additional spaces for safe goods storage. Adherence to safety regulations during production and use guarantees safe storage. You can easily access the highest-placed goods without risking health or life.

Technical Platform as a Reliable Way to Increase Warehouse Space

Looking for an affordable way to increase warehouse space without physical expansion? amRACK has a reliable solution for you. It’s the warehouse platform, which means you don’t need to buy a new warehouse, rent additional space, or think about expanding the one you own. Every company grows over time, gains new customers, and warehouse platforms enable the creation of additional space necessary throughout this process.

Multi-level systems, which include warehouse platforms, provide additional warehouse space and allow for vertical expansion, taking into account the cubic volume of the building. This way, additional levels can be multiplied.


Warehouse Platforms Elevate the Ergonomics of Work

Warehouse platforms increase the efficiency of tasks performed, are universal, comfortable, and functional. They provide comprehensive handling of halls and warehouses. In our offer, you’ll find structures of various dimensions, suitable for both small and large facilities. A major advantage of our warehouse platforms is that they are produced from the highest quality components, which have very good technical parameters. This impacts their long-term use and reliability.

Mobile Warehouse Platform – Why You Must Have It

A mobile version of the warehouse platform allows for safe and unrestricted work at height. It facilitates access to inventory located on the highest shelves in the warehouse. It’s perfect for maximizing the use of available utility space, significantly improving space management.

Investing in high-quality equipment, such as a warehouse platform, means that handling goods at heights won’t pose a significant problem. The structure can be tailored to individual needs.

When is a Warehouse Ladder with a Platform Appropriate?

A stable, most durable, and maximally safe warehouse ladder complements the warehouse platforms. It’s handy and easy to transport, and can be used in any warehouse space. It features protections against lateral tipping and falling.

Models available in the offer vary in height, depending on the individual needs of the users.

Are Warehouse Platforms Needed in Your Warehouse? Check!

You might wonder if a technical platform is the right solution for your warehouse. We often recommend this solution when:

  • In warehouses, a significant portion of the space is occupied by equipment and machines, and the only way to store goods is on metal platforms placed above them,
  • Goods of large dimensions are stored, which do not fit on traditional pallet racks. This situation often occurs in warehouses cooperating with the furniture industry,
  • There’s a desire to use load-bearing constructions without cluttering the space at the lowest level.

Why is it Worth Investing in a Warehouse Platform from amRACK?

  • In our offer, you’ll find a warehouse platform with a load capacity tailored to your needs.
  • You can significantly increase the warehouse space without physical expansion.
  • We will plan with you how many levels the new structure will comprise.
  • We provide an individual approach to each project.
  • Professional advice will help you decide on a platform tailored to your needs.

Investing in innovative warehouse equipment like a technical platform allows you to develop your warehouse, build a safe storage space, and give yourself the opportunity to continuously acquire new customers.


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