Our warehouse platforms help expand the warehouse floor area, without expanding the building dimensions. The warehouse platforms work well whenever the original storage area is no longer adequate, or an extension to the warehouse building is simply infeasible. The platforms are designed for storing all types of goods, both palletized and bulk, or machine assemblies.
The warehouse platforms are elevated and permit pedestrian, forklift and other traffic typical in warehouse settings.
We provide warehouse platforms with custom-specified upright span length and for project-specific substructure (floor) load-bearing ratings. The platform decks are available as 38 mm chipboard or steel grating. The warehouse platforms can be configured with one, two, three or more deck storeys.


• Easy installation, removal and reinstallation in another location
• Easy configuration of the warehouse floor below the warehouse platform and on its deck
• The platform deck underside can accommodate lights, fire sprinklers and other installations
• Expansion with warehouse platforms means 4 to 5 times less in project costs than a new warehouse building.

The warehouse platforms from amRACK can be made from cold- or hot-rolled sections, and then protected by powder coating. The selection of standard powder coating colours include grey, yellow, blue, and orange.

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