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Warehouse Mezzanines

A warehouse mezzanine, also known as an industrial mezzanine, is an excellent solution wherever there is a lack of storage space and no possibility of warehouse expansion. The mezzanine structure allows for the storage of various goods, including pallets, small parts, or machinery. Warehouse mezzanines facilitate the free movement of people, forklifts, or other devices used in warehouses underneath the structure.

Warehouse Mezzanines at amRACK

In our offer, you will find custom-made modern warehouse mezzanines suitable for use in warehouses, production halls, or stores. These mezzanines provide additional space for storing goods on pallets and can also serve as shelving racks.

We offer mezzanine racks with column spans tailored to customer needs and floor strength. The flooring can be made from 38 mm thick chipboard or industrial grating. Constructions with one, two, three, or more flooring levels are possible.


  • Warehouse mezzanines are easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing for reuse in a different location.
  • Allows for flexible arrangement of the warehouse space under and on the mezzanine.
  • The construction enables the installation of lighting, sprinkler systems, and other utilities under the floor.
  • Using mezzanines costs 4-5 times less than building a new warehouse in terms of space.

Our warehouse mezzanines are made from cold-rolled or hot-rolled profiles and are protected with powder coating. The standard powder coating colors we use are gray, yellow, blue, and orange.

These features make amRACK’s mezzanines a strategic and cost-effective choice for maximizing warehouse space and functionality.

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What possibilities do warehouse mezzanines offer?

Mezzanines generate additional warehouse space. Regardless of how large your warehouse is, it may eventually start running out of space. This indicates that your company is growing. To adapt to the new reality while not changing your business location, you can invest in a mezzanine solution. The warehouse will gain additional storage space in a clear and safe manner through it. What else will warehouse mezzanines provide for your company?


Warehouse systems already used in your warehouse, enhanced with our proposed mezzanines, will increase the logistic capabilities of your facility. You can easily expand your warehouse and develop without limits. At the same time, you always have the possibility to add more platforms.


Warehouse mezzanines must comply with specific occupational safety regulations and building law requirements. If you decide to purchase from a professional and experienced supplier, you can count on receiving a reliable construction, distinguished by high-quality workmanship.

In our offer, you will find warehouse mezzanines that meet European quality standards. They are created using the highest quality materials, precisely and in accordance with accepted principles, ensuring optimal and economical adaptation to user needs.


Warehouse platforms are distinguished by very high mobility. You can easily introduce each platform into your warehouse. Both assembly and disassembly are not a significant problem due to the modern production technology applied. They can be set up where most needed and then quickly dismantled. They can also be easily taken with you when planning to move the entire warehouse.


Using warehouse platforms, you gain the ability to store goods in any form – pallets, small items, or larger machines.


How to transform your warehouse? Just choose constructions that make managing it simpler. Warehouse platforms do not disrupt the flows in the warehouse. Both wheeled and pedestrian traffic takes place under them without any obstacles. This means that installing platforms does not require changing existing communication solutions.


Platforms generate additional warehouse space, and their cost is four to five times lower than the cost of traditional warehouse expansion.

What distinguishes the warehouse mezzanines available in the amRACK offer?

Do you want to make the racks previously used in your warehouse even more functional? Mezzanines will certainly enable this. They are the best and most effective solution you can decide on to increase the capacity of your warehouse. The industrial mezzanines you find in our offer are:


Unique design compliant with European standards

Each warehouse mezzanine has profiles made from the highest quality materials, which are characterized by resistance to damage, as well as excellent visual qualities. The structure is enhanced with powder-coated steel columns. There is the possibility of anchoring them to the floor, which increases stability.

Stable and durable structure with very high load capacity

The floor surface can be made of chipboard with a thickness of 38 mm or a grating, depending on the effect you want to achieve. Additionally, you have at your disposal ergonomic and safe stairs, which are installed in accordance with all standards. Moving on them is safe and comfortable.

Option to choose the color and dimensions of the structure

Whether you choose a drivable warehouse platform, a standard one, or other solutions that non-invasively expand space from our offer, you can count on full adaptation to your needs. The warehouse platform can also be enhanced with functional gates and barriers that are easy to operate, ensure safe loading, and serve as handrails.

Speed of operation and brand quality

Choosing the amRACK brand guarantees the highest quality products, as well as quick and reliable service. We process orders at a lightning pace and also provide after-sales care. Our specialists will prepare a thoughtful warehouse project for you. If you are interested in a personalized offer – contact us. Check out our company’s offer and see how much we can offer you.

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