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Used racks

Are you looking to buy used warehouse racks, or are you interested in selling used racks for collection? At amRACK, you can both purchase and sell used pallet racks, shelving, or retail gondolas.

Sale of Used Racks

Do you want to save money on equipping your warehouse or store while buying high-quality, fully operational racks with excellent technical parameters? An ideal solution for you are the used metal racks available in our offer.

We guarantee access to safe, tested, reliable structures. As a supplier of the best racks on the market, we want to offer our clients systems that they can use for years.

Purchase of Used Racks

We buy used racks. We are ready to solve problems related to the storage of dismantled racks or, in the case of warehouse remodeling, their replacement with new ones. We can also accept used racks as part of the settlement of the delivery of new racks. As part of our rack purchase service, we also offer dismantling of existing installations, preparation for transport, and provide the transportation itself. amRACK enables the repurchase of racks from all the “top” rack manufacturers.


  • Reducing the cost of new rack offers
  • Recovering warehouse space necessary for storing dismantled racks
Choose reliable and safe installation

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This is our workflow

Used Warehouse Racks from amRACK

We handle both the purchase and sale of used warehouse racks. In one place, you have the opportunity to buy used racks, as well as sell those you have previously used. amRACK tailors its offerings to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We offer, and also buy, used items including:

  • store accessories,
  • metal racks,
  • shelving racks,
  • retail racks,
  • pallet racks.

If you have a used rack for sale or any other similar structure that provides equipment for warehouses, halls, workshops, or stores, contact us. We will prepare an appraisal, answer your questions, and present an attractive offer tailored to your needs.

We offer very favorable terms for the purchase and sale of used racks for various applications. Our customers can expect the highest quality of structures that are safe and operational.

How does amRACK’s used rack purchase work?

We offer the highest prices on the market, so selling a used rack is still profitable. The amRACK offer includes:

  • Quick appraisal based on photos provided by the client. This allows used pallet racks to be sold quickly and without major issues.
  • If you decide to sell, we will come to your location, dismantle the used pallet racks, and handle all matters related to transport. Selling has never been as simple as it is with our help.
  • We guarantee a favorable purchase price, so by selling used racks, you can expect a substantial reward.

Sale of Warehouse Racks in Used Condition at Favorable Prices

In our store, it is possible not only to purchase used warehouse racks but also other warehouse equipment such as:

  • used retail shelves,
  • used pallet racks (very attractive price!),
  • used retail racks.

We offer only the highest quality structures at very attractive prices, which can be used for a very long time.

What sets our offer apart?

Professional Service

Thanks to our many years of presence in the market, we can offer a comprehensive range of services for the purchase, sale, dismantling, and transport of warehouse racks. We advise our clients on optimal solutions that ensure the conduct of professional warehouse operations. All at favorable prices.

Customer Reviews

Over the years, many clients have trusted us. Join this group. Confirmation of satisfaction comes from numerous positive comments about us online. Every used pallet rack, before it goes on sale, is thoroughly checked for damage. All to ensure that the client only uses safe structures.

Comprehensive Services

Installation, dismantling, purchase, sale, and service are the basic range of services we offer in the context of used racks. By taking advantage of amRACK’s offer, you can be sure that used metal retail racks or used warehouse racks will be introduced or removed from the space in which you conduct your business without major issues.

We warmly invite you to use our services, and your warehouse will gain several used racks with excellent technical parameters.