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Sliding Racks

Sliding Racks —also known as mobile or movable racks— are designed for storing goods on pallets. The structure of sliding racks builds upon traditional pallet racks by incorporating mobile carriages that move along tracks embedded in the floor. This design allows for utilizing up to 90% of the total warehouse area by reducing the number of working aisles to just one. Sliding racks are most commonly used in cold storages and in warehouses with relatively low turnover of goods.

Sliding Racks in the amRACK Offer

Our sliding racks are an excellent choice for warehouses with limited space. They enable continuous access to each stored item (once the correct transport path is opened). amRACK sliding racks are tailored to the needs of modern warehouses. You can always create more than one working aisle to facilitate order picking. Functionality is the greatest asset of our mobile systems.

Advantages of a Sliding Rack:

  • Increases warehouse space utilization
  • Access to each load (once the correct transport path is opened)
  • Easy inventory management
  • Possible to de-palletize without removing the pallet from the racks.

amRACK sliding rack structures are available in both powder-coated and galvanized versions.

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Why Opt for Metal Sliding Racks?

The broad applicability of sliding racks in warehouse settings means that these structures are fully adaptable to the diverse needs of customers. Their design elements allow for efficient use of usable space and safe storage of goods.

Each sliding rack can be enhanced with a wide range of warehouse equipment that facilitates safe, transparent, and functional storage of goods. Effective operation in your warehouse is entirely achievable. Metal sliding racks available in our offer ensure flexible use in any warehouse space.

Sliding Racks Maximize Space Utilization

The great storage capacity is the biggest advantage offered by every sliding rack. You can use it to maximize space, saving up to 90% of space compared to using traditional racks.

The entire structure created by mobile racks allows for the gradual increase of warehouse capacity as needed with a large number of deliveries. You can expand your warehouse with additional storage spaces at any time. Moreover, access to each area is unrestricted and is facilitated through a designated pathway or working aisles.

If you want to store goods in a safe, economical manner, sliding racks are the option you should consider. Choosing one of the options offered by amRACK gives you a functional structure for storing many types of goods. You can fully utilize the available storage area with their help.

Mobile Racks – Mobility in Modern Edition

Rows of mobile racks placed on carriages represent functionality in its purest form. You can quickly manage orders, receive and dispatch them without any delays. It is also possible to reduce the number of aisles to a minimum, which will allow the purchase of even more racks. Access to goods at any place in the warehouse is just as good, making the work process fast and efficient.

Is this the solution you are looking for? If so, our offer will meet your expectations. The racks can be controlled using a remote or managed centrally, depending on the level of automation in the warehouse. The size and layout of the construction can be tailored to your needs in every aspect.

Investing in Sliding Racks Pays Off

We guarantee access to an economical and efficient solution, such as metal sliding racks. The system will ensure safe storage of goods in your warehouse.

Where Can Sliding Racks Be Used?

Due to their functionality, sliding racks can be utilized in facilities such as:

  • Libraries,
  • Archives,
  • Banks,
  • Offices,
  • Corporations,
  • Clinics.

Mobile racks excel at storing files and documents. They maintain order, allow for data cataloging, and most importantly, prevent the stored folders and binders from being damaged.

The rack structure can accommodate any amount of documents. You can place an order for constructions that meet all your needs. In the ordered rack, you can even place up to 2,000 binders if such a quantity needs to be archived.

Electrically Driven Sliding Metal Rack for Archives

Mobile racks, which guarantee minimal human involvement and effective storage of documents and records, are recommended solutions for archives. The control panel allows you to open the space where the collections of interest are located. The construction is stable, fully functional, and tailored to needs.

Why Choose an amRACK Mobile Rack?

You can rely on us because:

  • We have many years of experience in the industry,
  • We guarantee a comprehensive approach to order fulfillment,
  • We have a trained team of installers who will introduce sliding racks to your warehouse safely and in compliance with regulations.