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Our shelving systems are perfect for the storage of bulk goods. The shelving systems are designed for use in retail stores, wholesale outlets, workshops, office spaces, general warehousing and more. The shelving systems support the manual handling of the stored goods.

We provide modular systems with steel shelves of depths 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800 or 1,000 mm, maximum shelf load capacity up to 600 kg, and a standard rack height of up to 7 m.

The modular design means problem-free installation and removal, with easy system deployment to create aisles of custom length. The shelving systems can accommodate decking for a multi-level rack configuration.

• The most budget-friendly option
• Easy access to all goods storage positions
• Flexible configuration
• Easy stock-taking
• Extensive optional accessories
• Modular design
• Adjustable storage level height.

The systems are available in galvanized sheet steel, and the design enables single or two-sided handling of loads.

The amRACK storage systems can be provided with extensive optional accessories, including partitions, drawers, access doors, side and back panelling, hangers, with other features available to custom order.

Choose a safe and reliable installation service.

Our response time is 24 h from your call!


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