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Shelving racks

Shelving racks are an excellent solution designed for storing small items and find their application in stores, wholesale outlets, workshops, offices, warehouses, and many other facilities. These racks are intended for manual handling.


  • Most cost-effective solution
  • Access to every item
  • Flexibility
  • Easy inventory control
  • Extensive additional equipment
  • Modular construction
  • Adjustable storage levels

Shelving Racks at amRACK

The shelving racks offered by amRACK provide an ergonomic solution for your business. You can effectively use them to store a varied assortment of items safely. Additional equipment is available for purchase to facilitate this in the best way, including clothes hangers, handles, and many others. Opting for modern metal shelving racks ensures a safe space for storing small items.

Our shelving racks are made from galvanized sheet metal, and their design allows for shelf handling from both sides of the rack. amRACK racks can be equipped with a wide range of additional accessories: dividers, drawers, doors, side panels, rear panels, hangers, and other custom-made items upon customer request.

We offer shelving racks with steel shelves in a modular enclosure with shelf depths of 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, and 1000 mm, and shelf loads up to 600 kg, and standard heights up to 7 meters. The modular construction allows for easy assembly and disassembly of the racks, enabling the construction of sequences of specified lengths. It is possible to install floors on the base of shelving racks and to make multi-storey structures.

Our shelving racks are designed with the diverse needs of clients in mind. Many parameters can also be individually selected. The shelving rack can be enhanced with metal, mesh, or chipboard shelves. You can customize our multi-level shelving racks in terms of dimensions, load capacity, and functionalities applied. You are encouraged to enrich your racks with extensive additional equipment, including shelf dividers, drawers, doors, and hangers.

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Why should you opt for our shelving racks?

From the inception of our business, we set ourselves one goal—to be a leader. This pertains not only to products but also to customer service, both pre- and post-sale. The shelving racks in the amRACK offer are of the highest quality, and we strive to meet the highest standards. We are absolutely confident that even the most demanding customers will be fully satisfied.

The wide range of products we offer ensures that everyone can find a model that meets their warehousing needs, allowing for the safe storage of small items. It is wise to opt for durable constructions that are resistant to damage and enriched with additional features. A warehouse shelving rack will serve for a long time, ensure safe storage of goods, and allow all warehouse processes to be conducted professionally.

Multi-level shelving racks in your warehouse

You can introduce a multi-level shelving rack with broad applications into your warehouse. We offer systems on which small items can be stored, and which can be operated manually or with the help of forklifts. A well-planned construction ensures that you have unrestricted access to every stored item, making order fulfillment no longer a major issue.

By choosing multi-level shelving racks, you can increase the storage space in your warehouse by up to four times. The modular construction allows for continuous expansion, depending on needs. Is this the solution you’re looking for?


Universal Shelving Racks for Storing Small Items

Warehouse shelving racks are distinguished by their wide application. They primarily facilitate the storage of non-palletized goods and are commonly used in libraries, archives, shops, small warehouses, and wholesale operations. Most often, items are stored in cardboard boxes or loose.

The shelving racks offered by amRACK are designed with the diverse needs of customers in mind. You can independently choose the technical parameters and additional accessories, such as different types of shelves. In this respect, our range is very extensive.

Our wide offer allows you to select a warehouse shelving rack to your liking. You can implement exactly the system that will enable you to run your business smoothly.

Custom-Made Shelves

The main advantage of our racks is the large range of available heights, from 2000 mm to 8000 mm, increasing by 500 mm increments. We also offer the widest range of shelf depths on the market—300 mm, 400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, 700 mm, 800 mm, and 1000 mm. The possibility of such extensive customization of the racks means that they will fit almost any conditions.

The shelving racks in the amRACK offer are made of durable galvanized sheet metal. The load capacity of the shelves is adapted to customer needs, ranging from 100 to 250 kilograms, while the load capacity of the rack frame ranges from 1200 to 3400 kilograms, also depending on the thickness of the sheet metal used for the posts. If you are looking for shelving racks with specific dimensions and load capacity, you couldn’t have found a better place!


Wide Range of Additional Accessories – Enhance the Functionality of Shelving Racks

To ensure maximum functionality of our racks, we have prepared a wide selection of additional accessories that expand their capabilities. Among these, you will find various separators, dividers, hangers, drawers, doors, side panels, and many other add-ons. Moreover, we can manufacture further accessories upon customer request, meeting their specific needs. Remember that thanks to the construction and durability of the shelving racks, we can easily create multi-level structures on them.

Fast Order Fulfillment – Choose the Professionals at amRACK

The amRACK brand is completely customer-oriented. We pride ourselves on approaching our clients with flexibility, fully committed to executing each order. Thanks to our experienced team of dedicated employees, knowledge, and specific skills, we are able to fulfill orders in record time. Smaller orders are completed within 3 to 5 business days! For larger deliveries, it takes us up to 10 business days.


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