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Rack installation / dismantling / service

We are not just a supplier of warehouse racks. We offer a range of services related to their installation, dismantling, and maintenance. Contact us if you are interested in services such as:

  • Warehouse rack installation,
  • Rack dismantling,
  • Rack service and repair.
  • Installation and dismantling of warehouse racks

We provide installation, dismantling of racks, and preparation of the hall for handover after the rental period, as well as service for rack installations. If the rack installation work takes place during the construction of the facility, we provide supervision by a construction manager.

Our teams have all the legally required documents and qualifications to operate warehouse technology forklifts and scissor lifts. We work exclusively with electronic tools from leading brands. Having gained over a decade of experience in warehouse equipment projects, we only cooperate with the best fitters in the market.

We perform all types of repairs, ensuring the stability and safe operation of warehouse racks. We work only with high-quality parts, thanks to which storage structures do not lose their original parameters, especially in terms of durability. By cooperating with amRACK, you can ensure safe use of the warehouse racks in your facility. We conduct work both in Poland and other countries.


  • Highly skilled assembly staff with many years of experience
  • Quick response time
Choose reliable and safe installation

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This is our workflow

Installation of Warehouse Racks by an Experienced Team

We install the warehouse systems you find in our offer ourselves. We believe this is the best solution we can offer our clients. By handling the installation of the racks, we ensure they are correctly integrated into the warehouse space, guaranteeing that the structures will be stable and appropriately adapted for their intended use.

The installation of pallet racks requires knowledge and experience, familiarity with technology, and the use of appropriate tools. We possess all these, so our work is fast and efficient. You’ll save yourself stress and be assured that the rack installation will proceed exactly as the manufacturer recommends.

We guarantee a comprehensive approach to each project. We execute them with the help of an experienced team, for whom dismantling and installing warehouse racks is routine. We send our employees to training where they learn new, faster methods of repairing warehouse structures. You can trust our people.

Dismantling of Racks When Changes Are Coming to Your Warehouse

Changes are positive. As your business grows, sometimes you need to move to a larger facility, requiring the dismantling of racks from the old space and their reinstallation in the new one. We provide professional services in this regard. We will move your warehouse racks to the specified location safely, without any damage to the structures. We’ll ensure that in the new location, the installation of the racks proceeds without major difficulties, due to proper grouping of all elements.

Proper planning of work, maintaining order, and appropriate sorting of all elements are particularly important during the dismantling and relocation of warehouse racks. We also offer warehouse rack inspection services, checking if their individual components require replacement.

Experience and expert knowledge mean that for us, dismantling and reassembling warehouse racks is no problem.

Warehouse Rack Service

amRACK employs a professional and experienced assembly team that also provides service operations. As part of the service, we will inspect your warehouse racks. The service will be quick, efficient, and adhere to set standards. During further operation, you can count on service support in case of any problems or damages.

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