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Rack and column guards

Warehouse Bumpers and Rack Protection by amRACK

Warehouse bumpers are used, for example, to protect warehouse walls or other areas at risk of damage from equipment used in warehouse operations. The use of appropriately selected column and frame guards can significantly extend the lifespan of racks. Rack guards minimize the risk of mechanical damage caused by forklifts. We supply standard version warehouse rack guards that fit most of the systems available on the market.


  • Increased lifespan of rack installations
  • Reduced rack servicing costs
  • Improved safety in warehouse operations
  • Lowered costs of warehouse facility repairs

Rack Accessories Available from amRACK

In the amRACK range, you will find rack accessories such as:

  • Rack guards
  • Column guards
  • Warehouse bumpers

amRACK’s rack guards, column guards, and warehouse bumpers are available in powder-coated and galvanized versions. We have our own production facility, which allows us to also create customized rack and building protections according to individual client needs.

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Warehouse Bumpers — An Essential Element of Warehouse Equipment

Using warehouse bumpers and warehouse rack guards increases the level of property protection in the warehouse. We offer a wide range of protective measures in various dimensions, allowing you to easily tailor them to your individual needs. You can use them to protect pallet racks, secure machinery, and warehouse hall elements. The mounting is done using anchors, ensuring a permanent and durable connection to the floor.

Warehouse bumpers are widely used in the warehouse industry and beyond. They protect warehouse infrastructure from mechanical damage, while also ensuring the implementation of a safe project where trivial failures do not occur. Additionally, bumpers and guards protect the most unusual elements in the warehouse, ensuring total success in executing a safe warehouse project.

Warehouse Rack Guards in the Best Form

Protection for racks offered by amRACK is an innovative, effective solution. Simple installation, hassle-free rack inspection, and construction made from high-quality materials guarantee reliable use in the warehouse.

Warehouse rack guards provided by amRACK are very convenient and easy to use. They are highly flexible, thus absorbing all the energy during impacts by forklifts. Although they deform in such instances, they quickly return to their original shape and continue to effectively protect the racks from damage.

By using warehouse bumpers and rack guards, you can ensure a high level of safety in your warehouse. The risk of serious damage is minimized. The solutions you find in the amRACK offer are practical, easy to use, and effectively protect racks and warehouse walls from destruction.

It’s worth noting that the protective solutions are colored yellow, which ensures maximum visibility from a long distance.

Examples of projects

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