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Pallet racks

Pallet racks are one of the most commonly used storage systems in the logistics industry. These standing metal structures enable the vertical storage of pallets with goods, maximizing available warehouse space.

Advantages of pallet racks:

  • Most cost-effective systemic solution: High-bay pallet racks are the cheapest and most versatile solution for storing goods on pallets.
  • Access to every item: Metal pallet racks provide direct access to all stored products, allowing for the storage of multiple types of products and goods in one warehouse. With the use of forklifts, pallets with goods can be easily placed or removed from the racks.
  • Flexibility in segment building: The simple construction of pallet racks allows for flexible adjustment of each column of the rack to the needs of the stored cargo. This, in turn, enables the adaptation of the warehouse to changing customer needs and ensures safe usage for many years.
  • Easy inventory control: By using pallet racks, it is possible to efficiently track goods. It is possible to precisely determine when and where a particular product was placed on the rack, which is crucial for audit processes, quality control, and supply chain management.
  • Rich additional equipment: Row pallet racks, with the use of appropriate additional equipment, also serve as a place for storing small goods.
  • Modular construction: Thanks to the modular design, pallet racks can be adapted to different dimensions, weights of goods, and the specifics of warehouse operations. Depending on the needs, modules can be added or removed, changing the height, width, or depth of the racks.
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amRACK High-Bay Pallet Racking

The pallet racking systems you’ll find in our offer allow for easy and quick configuration, depending on your needs. We offer both used and new pallet racks with various heights and specifications. By choosing high-bay storage racks from the amRACK range, you’ll receive a custom solution known for its highest quality craftsmanship. We have many pallet rack variants available for you to choose from.

Our high-bay pallet racks are manufactured using the highest quality materials, ensuring their long-term usability in warehouse spaces. Additionally, we provide warehouse rack inspections to quickly detect any potential faults.

For all amRACK pallet systems, you also have the opportunity to purchase extensive additional equipment. With accessories, amRACK pallet racks become even more functional. Need additional floor bolt-downs or reinforcements to improve the rack’s load capacity? Perhaps you require additional pallet stops or cross beams for chipboard decking? Take advantage of our offer and choose warehouse racks equipped to meet your individual needs.

Warehouse Pallet Racks – Many Advantages in the Warehouse

Metal pallet racks are not only the most versatile solution but also one of the most cost-effective to implement. The strength of pallet racks lies in their simple construction and rich additional equipment, which significantly enhances the functionality of the warehouse.

Storing goods on pallet racks is done by placing pallets in perpendicular or parallel arrangements, and the availability of each item enables easy inventory control or picking directly from the pallet without removing it from the rack. Pallets on pallet racks can be stored in perpendicular or parallel arrangements.

Pallet racks allow direct access to all stored goods, reducing the time required to access items. At the same time, pallet racks offer high flexibility in individual configuration to meet customer needs. Due to their modular construction, traditional pallet racks can be precisely tailored to the needs of goods or room size. They are installed to the floor to meet all possible safety requirements and can be easily dismantled. They provide easy access to palletized goods, facilitating inventory control.

The ability to adjust storage levels, characteristic of modern pallet racks, proves useful when unexpected items of larger or smaller sizes appear in the warehouse.



Types of Pallet Racking – Which Pallet Rack to Choose?

There are many types of pallet racks, and the choice of the best system depends on the individual needs of your company. Consider the type and rotation of goods, available space, budget, and efficiency requirements. It is important to make a thoughtful decision that will serve your company for many years. amRACK consultants can also help you choose the right pallet system.

Row Pallet Racks

These racks are great for any warehouse. Row pallet racks are the simplest and most basic solution you can introduce to your warehouse. They ensure efficient work, safe placement of goods, and organization in the warehouse. Row racks are designed for storing palletized and non-palletized goods. Additionally, in our offer, you will find a wide range of additional equipment that you can enrich them with. This way, this type of pallet racks gains additional functionalities, making work in the warehouse even easier.

Selective Pallet Racking Systems

This is the most versatile type of rack that allows easy access to each pallet. It’s an advantage but requires more space.

Drive-In/Drive-Through Pallet Racking Systems

These racks are ideal for warehouses with a large volume of one type of product. Access to pallets is from one side (Drive-In) or both sides (Drive-Through). The advantage is maximum use of warehouse space. The disadvantage is the need for pallet access according to the LIFO principle (last in, first out) for Drive-In and FIFO (first in, first out) for Drive-Through, which may not be ideal for short-shelf-life products.

Drive-In Pallet Racking Systems

These racks allow for efficient and trouble-free use of warehouse space, making pallet storage safe, efficient, and effective.

Pallet Flow Racking Systems

These pallet racks use a gravity system to move pallets from one end to the other. Each pallet flow rack is equipped with rollers with a slight slope, allowing pallets to be moved using gravity. They are ideal for products with a short shelf life as they ensure efficient inventory rotation (FIFO – first in, first out). However, they require more space than other types of racks.

High-Bay Racking Systems

These racks are designed for warehouses with high ceilings, allowing maximum use of vertical space. They increase storage capacity but require special equipment for handling pallets at height.

Selective Pallet Racks

Selective racks, also known as single-directional racks, are the most commonly used type of pallet rack. They provide easy access to each pallet, which is particularly useful when dealing with a wide variety of goods. Their main drawback is that they take up more space compared to other types of racks.

Flow Racks

Flow racks use a gravity system to move pallets, allowing for quick inventory turnover. They provide efficient inventory management, but they require more space than other types of racks.

Drive-Through Racks

Drive-through racks allow the forklift to enter the rack, enabling the storage of large quantities of one type of product. Compared to selective racks, drive-through racks save much more space but are less accessible (LIFO – last in, first out for drive-in, FIFO for drive-through).

Mobile Racking Systems

Mobile racks move on rails mounted on the warehouse floor, allowing only one corridor to be created, which is needed at a given time for loading or unloading pallets. This solution offers very good space utilization but requires a higher initial investment and regular maintenance of the system.

Push-Back Racking Systems

These racks allow for storing pallets on two or more depth levels. Loading and unloading take place from the same side of the rack, and the newly inserted pallet pushes the previous one back into the rack. This system allows for very efficient space utilization, but like Drive-In racks, it operates on the LIFO principle, which may not be ideal for short-shelf-life products.

Shuttle Racking Systems

Shuttle pallet racks use an autonomous shuttle to move pallets to the appropriate location in the rack. The Shuttle Racking system provides very high storage density, reduces the risk of rack damage by forklifts, and significantly increases warehouse operation efficiency. However, the drawback may be the need for investment in specialized equipment and its maintenance.

Multi-Tier Racking Systems

Multi-tier racks consist of several storage levels (2 or more), where pallets or smaller load units can be stored. They are ideal for use in high-ceiling warehouses, but their construction and application require appropriate communication paths and stairs for employees, which can increase investment costs.

Satellite Racking Systems

Satellite racks use automated units (satellites) to move pallets deeper into the racks. This solution allows for storing a large quantity of one type of product in one channel. The advantage is excellent space utilization, while the drawback is the higher investment cost associated with purchasing specialized equipment.

Push-Back Pallet Racking Systems

These racks operate on the LIFO principle, where each subsequent pallet pushes the previous one back into the rack. The advantage is good space utilization, but access to pallets is limited to those at the front.


What Sets Apart amRACK Pallet Racking?

We deliver pallet racks up to 15 meters in height. Our metal pallet racks are protected by powder coating and available in standard colors: gray, blue, yellow, red, orange, or other colors upon request. We also offer galvanized pallet racks. The rich additional equipment of amRACK racks, such as shelf fillings, grates, partitions, separators, hangers, and many others, makes our pallet racks a solution that will meet the needs of every customer.

Quality You Can Rely On

The quality of pallet racks offered by amRACK is recognized worldwide. All warehouse system structures undergo rigorous tests to confirm their perfect execution before they go on sale. Pallet racks are tested for load, rigidity, and stability. This ensures that the buyer can be confident in their exceptional load-bearing capacity, reliable use in warehouse space, and safety. This is crucial for racks that need to support pallets with goods.

Of course, for a frame pallet rack to work effectively, weight requirements – maximum shelf load – must be observed, as indicated by nameplates placed in visible locations in the warehouse.

Offer from Multiple Manufacturers

We offer pallet racks from many manufacturers recognized as top-tier. We tailor warehouse systems to the needs of each customer.

Configuration Depends on Your Needs

Every aspect related to the dimensions of pallet racks can be tailored to your storage needs. Such possibilities offered by amRACK allow you to place an order precisely, enabling maximum use of the utility space. Using customized products is particularly recommended in facilities with limited square footage or when storing goods on non-standard pallets.

Each pallet rack consists of uprights, base plates, and cross beams. The height of the cross beams can be individually adjusted, depending on the needs. You can also choose the load capacity and load-bearing capacity of the racks and tailor it to current and future demand.

Row pallet racks stand out with standard depths, but upon special request, we can prepare structures capable of accommodating up to 4 pallets at one depth. The flexibility of our actions ensures that each customer receives exactly what they need to meet their warehousing needs.

In our comprehensive offer, you will find the best pallet racks available on the market. The price list is transparent, and there is room for negotiation for large orders. We ensure the racks are made of the highest quality materials, compliant with the legal requirements in force in Poland and Europe. With the purchase of a rack, you receive all the necessary mounting elements, thanks to which pallet racks will be effectively introduced into the space.



Custom Pallet Racks – Exactly as You Want Them!

Thanks to flexible production, we have full control over many parameters of pallet racks – their color, non-standard dimensions of elements, or load-bearing capabilities. We are well aware that customers have different requirements, and it is necessary to approach them flexibly so that the products meet the real needs of warehouses.

We offer pallet racks in almost any dimensions and storage capabilities. Upon request, we are able to prepare warehouse racks with heights ranging from 2 to 15 meters, depths from 400 mm to 2000 mm, and beam lengths ranging from 800 mm to 5000 mm. This approach allows us to equip both small private warehouses and huge halls belonging to the largest companies. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to store products with non-standard dimensions on the racks.

The pallet racks in our offer are tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Following the principle of full adaptation to the industry in which you operate, with our help, you can create comprehensive warehouse equipment guaranteeing quick unloading, loading, and trouble-free order picking. You can introduce pallet racks into your utility space at a low cost. You can manage it as you wish.

New and Used – You Choose

We sell both new and used pallet racks that meet all legal requirements and have the necessary certificates confirming their high durability. The possibility of their flexible configuration makes them suitable for almost any warehouse. In our comprehensive offer, you will find fully configured pallet racks, to which you can add rich additional equipment.


Every pallet rack can be quickly assembled and disassembled.

Each pallet rack consists of horizontal and longitudinal pipes, securely joined using robust screws. This allows for the creation of stable, reliable structures with broad load-bearing capabilities. You can assemble the racks yourself or take advantage of our professional assistance if you want to ensure that Euro pallet racks can safely hold all stored goods.

Modern pallet system in high-storage warehouses.

The functionality provided by high-storage warehouses is prompting more and more entrepreneurs to consider implementing this solution in their facilities. The greatest advantage is the maximum utilization of the building’s volume. The pallet slots can reach heights of up to 15 meters, with handling facilitated by warehouse systems.

The pallet rack system is managed by operators, enabling access to every storage level. Innovative solutions tailored to this situation ensure the effective construction of warehouse space according to your needs. Your business will gain reliable, efficient structures available at very attractive prices.

Diverse color options for amRACK pallet racks.

While most pallet rack manufacturers offer specific color schemes, at amRACK, although we have our standard – a stylish combination of dark gray with vibrant red – we are happy to accommodate other color preferences, all depending on the customer.

When purchasing our pallet racks, you can choose their color, and we will ensure it looks beautiful in your warehouse. Furthermore, we offer the option to choose the surface type of the structural elements – uprights, frames, cross beams – as well as additional equipment – shelves, grates, covers, etc.

Upon request, we paint them in smooth matte, semi-matte, or fine texture finishes. At amRACK, we believe these are your racks, so they should be exactly as you desire!

Fulfillment of pallet rack orders in less than 5 weeks.

We are well aware that besides top-quality products, professional service and promptness are equally important. We are pleased to inform you that we can serve the majority of our customers within 48 hours of receiving such a request. What does this mean in practice?

Within two days, we arrange a meeting, measure the warehouse, create a rack concept, and after the client approves the drawing, we provide a quote! Could it be any better? Yes, indeed, because we offer one of the shortest, if not the shortest, order fulfillment times in Poland, taking a maximum of 4-5 weeks. It’s worth noting that the project drawing in PDF and AutoCAD format is part of the offer.

A plethora of additional items – everything you’re looking for.

The above-average functionality of pallet racks results from the rich offering of additional accessories with which they can be equipped. These include front and side protective covers, various fillings for warehouse racks – mesh shelves, gangways, chipboard panels, as well as pallet slide limiters, side and rear meshing, separators, beams, crossbars, screws, washers, boxes, and many other solutions. We are confident that thanks to the available additional accessories, our pallet racks will excel in any warehouse.


Pricing for Pallet Racks and More

amRACK offers various types of warehouse racks along with related servicing services. At amRACK, you’ll find only solid, metal, top-of-the-line warehouse racks that are excellently equipped, along with full supplies and many servicing and assembly services.

Visit our e-Shop and check out the current pricing for pallet racks.

Pricing for Pallet Racks

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