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Pallet Flow Racks

Flow Racks (Roller Racks) for Block Storage

Flow racks, similar to drive-in and tunnel racks, are utilized for block storage and offer excellent utilization of warehouse space. They are designed for storing goods on pallets that require FIFO (First In, First Out) and LIFO (Last In, First Out) stocking rules. Pallets are placed on transport rollers using a forklift, and the track is slightly inclined. When the first pallet is removed, the next one automatically moves to the pickup point, significantly facilitating and speeding up the workflow.

Pallet Flow Racks for the Food Industry and Beyond

Pallet flow racks find their application in the food industry, where high turnover of goods is required, and anywhere there is a need to store a large number of pallets with relatively few assortments, such as supplying production.

Warehouse Pallet Flow Racks from amRACK

amRACK’s pallet flow racks maximize warehouse space by reducing the number of transport paths for forklifts. Thanks to the inclined beds, pallets are moved by gravity, making the Pallet Flow type rack the only one on the market that operates without the cost of energy supply.

Pallet Flow Racks Can Be Equipped with Safety and Comfort Enhancements

Pallet flow racks can be equipped with features that increase safety and work comfort and can accommodate both forklifts with tilting masts and those without mast tilting.

Advantages of Flow Racks

  • Very high utilization of warehouse cubic capacity
  • Easy inventory management
  • Free pallet transport due to the force of gravity
  • Reduced forklift operating costs

The pallet bed constructions in Pallet Flow racks are made in a galvanized version, ensuring durability and reliability for prolonged use. This makes them an ideal solution for dynamic and efficient warehouse environments, enhancing both storage capacity and operational speed.

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When to Choose Flow Racks?

A pallet flow rack is the ideal choice if you:

  • Are looking for a uniform system for storing pallets mostly containing the same products,
  • Want to ensure transparency in all logistic processes,
  • Need to use warehouse space optimally,
  • Want constant access to all stored goods.

Why Opt for a Flow Rack?

A flow rack is an excellent solution for most warehouses due to the unlimited possibilities it provides in warehouse space. With it, you can quickly process orders and tailor them to individual customer needs.

Time and Money Savings in the Warehouse

It is perfectly tailored to your needs, and managing it is straightforward. If you care about success in your industry, pallet flow racks are a must-have in your warehouse. They help avoid downtime, reduce warehouse management costs, and simultaneously generate profits, which are crucial in any business.

Flow racks are especially valuable in warehouses that incur high construction costs, including in coolers and freezers. Their efficient use reduces the operational costs of forklifts and electricity bills. They also protect employees who do not have to spend long in extremely challenging temperature conditions. Pallets can be picked up quickly and efficiently.

Implementing flow racks is an investment worth considering if you want to store goods safely while maximizing warehouse space.

Pallet Flow Racks – A Reliable Way to Create Additional Space

Pallet Flow racks available from amRACK significantly save warehouse space, allowing for the storage of large quantities of the same products on pallets. Storing in FIFO and LIFO systems is fully feasible with them. Goods on pallets are stored safely and can be accessed quickly and efficiently, thereby increasing the effective use of warehouse space.

Flow Racks Enhance Warehouse Efficiency

Pallet Flow racks allow for optimal goods flow in the warehouse. Efficiency automatically increases, leading to successful business outcomes.

6 Benefits of a Warehouse with a Flow Rack System

Still wondering what other benefits you can gain by investing in a flow rack system in your warehouse?

  1. You have the opportunity to maximize the use of the building’s cubic capacity.
  2. You will effectively improve the turnover of goods in the warehouse.
  3. You will save time spent on many tasks, as stock replenishment will occur quickly and smoothly.
  4. You will prepare each order quickly and efficiently, significantly impacting the effectiveness of the operations.
  5. Warehouse employees will not have to walk as much, so you’ll reduce expenses on air conditioning, and safety in strategic warehouse spaces will also improve.
  6. Flow racks enable the elimination or reduction of the number of working aisles.