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Multi-Level Racks

Multi-Level Shelving for Varied Storage Needs

Multi-level shelving is designed for the storage of small items and manual handling, although loading and delivery of goods can be facilitated using forklifts as well as vertical and horizontal transport systems. The structure allows access to each item and facilitates picking operations in a multi-level setup.

Multi-level shelving systems are constructed based on shelving or pallet racks. It is possible to use metal shelves, chipboard shelves, and in cases specified by the investor, mesh shelves. Multi-level racks allow for the inclusion of a wide range of additional equipment: dividers, partitions, hangers, containers, drawers, cabinets. The flooring can be made from floor-grade chipboard up to 38 mm thick or from grating.


  • Modular construction, with the possibility of vertical and horizontal expansion.
  • Access to each load.
  • Ability to adjust storage levels.
  • Maximum utilization of warehouse cubic capacity.

amRACK multi-level racks can be finished in powder-coated or galvanized versions. Our structure allows for a 2, 3, or 4-fold increase in warehouse space, effectively expanding storage capabilities without the need for physical expansion of the premises. This system is ideal for businesses that require efficient space management and quick access to a variety of stored goods.

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Multi-Level Setup in Your Warehouse

A multi-level setup is a fantastic solution for warehouses where maximum utilization of available space is crucial. Multi-level shelving is adapted for manual handling, and it’s particularly suitable for storing small items on shelves.

Our shelving units are comprehensive, functional, and designed to meet the diverse needs of users. We are confident that you will be able to use them in your warehouse without any difficulties.

Smart and Modern Multi-Level Shelving

What makes a warehouse modern? Certainly, its equipment. By opting for multi-level shelving from amRACK, you can achieve this goal. We create solutions with a limited number of working aisles, which allows for gaining a large amount of storage space. Quick and easy assembly saves time and money.

The multi-level setup we offer is based on innovative solutions that allow for the safe storage of goods. Stable multi-level racks will stay with you for a long time, enabling you to conduct professional warehouse operations.