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These racking systems can accommodate the storage of palletized goods. The racking systems help use up to 90% of the warehouse internal volume by reducing the number of aisles down to one. The mobile racking is designed as an evolution in traditional pallet racking, expanded with mobile carrier trucks to move the racking structure on trackwork fastened to the warehouse floor.
These racking systems are common in cold stores, freezers, and other warehousing facilities with a relatively low turnover of stored goods.
The mobile racking systems are an excellent choice for facilities with a low warehouse floor space, requiring easy access to every storage position (by moving the racks to access the required aisle).

• Improved usage of the warehouse space
• Easy access to every storage position (by movement of the racks to access the required aisle)
• Easy stock-taking
• Easy break-up of palletized goods without handling off the rack.

The amRACK racking structures are available in powder-coated or galvanized versions.

Choose a safe and reliable installation service.

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