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Metal Warehouse Racks

Metal Warehouse Racks from amRACK

In the amRACK range, you will find multi-level metal warehouse racks available in various types. We offer:

  1. Static Metal Warehouse Racks:
    • Description: These racks have fixed support elements that do not change position during the storage of goods. They must be secured by attaching them to a permanent surface, wall, or floor, making them ideal for setups where movement isn’t required.
  2. Dynamic Metal Warehouse Racks:
    • Description: These are movable racks. They can be slid or driven over, suitable for modern warehouses equipped with a track system for transporting goods. This flexibility facilitates efficient space management and easy access to stored items.
  3. Specialized Metal Racks:
    • Description: These are a hybrid of static and dynamic racks, featuring full automation. They have a stationary support structure, but the loading docks are capable of internal migration. This type of rack is perfect for high-tech environments where automation is used to enhance efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Customization and Support: You can tailor metal warehouse racks to the specific needs of your facility. We encourage you to seek support from amRACK specialists when choosing warehouse racks. We are ready to offer advice and share our experience. We present the basic advantages and disadvantages of all popular constructions used in warehouses. With our help, you can opt for logistical systems that are well-suited to the industry in which you operate.

Advantages of Choosing amRACK Metal Warehouse Racks:

  • Durability: Metal racks are durable and capable of handling heavy loads, making them a long-lasting investment.
  • Versatility: The ability to choose from static, dynamic, and specialized racks allows for customization according to specific operational needs.
  • Expert Advice: Our team is available to provide insights and recommendations to ensure you select the best racking system for your operations.

amRACK’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive not only top-quality products but also comprehensive support throughout the selection and installation process.

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Types of Metal Racks in the amRACK Offer

Our offer is extensive, allowing us to custom-make systems that maximize the use of usable space. These include:

Static Metal Racks

Used in most warehouses across various industries, these racks are named for their fixed position and can be permanently mounted to the ground. This is primarily done to achieve full stability and to secure goods from falling. Mounting can be done to either the floor or wall, depending on needs.

The metal warehouse rack in this configuration is available in several popular variants:

  • Frame Metal Rack – Characterized by a repeating frame structure. The rack is constructed from supporting columns and cross beams connected by braces.
  • Steel Pallet Rack – Also known as shelf-less and high-bay racks. These facilitate the storage of loads on pallets and are built from traverses. They are commonly used in high warehouses where vertical space is maximized. Goods can be stored up to several meters high. Operations are conducted using forklifts.
  • Metal Retail Shelving – Allows for the storage of smaller-sized items in stores, offices, small warehouses, and archives. These racks consist of supporting crossbars on which shelves are mounted.
  • Metal Cantilever Warehouse Rack – A significant advantage of this solution is its usability both inside and outside the warehouse. The structure is simple to assemble. Metal warehouse racks in the cantilever version consist only of individual columns and attached cantilevers, allowing for vertical storage, justified in warehouses handling profiles, boards, pipes, and rods.

Dynamic Industrial Metal Racks

Dynamic racks, also known as movable or drive-through, are crucial in modern warehouses. They introduce necessary automation for innovative goods management. Movable elements that are an essential part of each structure allow goods to move on special rollers.

Modular warehouse racks in a dynamic version work best in warehouses where space is limited, but there is a need to create a significant amount of space. By opting for dynamic racks, you can minimize the costs associated with purchasing and gain sufficient space necessary for the safe storage of goods. A dynamic stainless steel warehouse rack is undoubtedly an excellent solution for cold storage and freezers, where conditions are tough, and goods need to be stored on safe structures. It also significantly eases the workload for employees who do not have to enter the cold storage directly to retrieve necessary goods. They can pull the required assortment on rollers.

Galvanized dynamic warehouse racks in the amRACK offer mainly include:

  • Flow-through Metal Warehouse Rack – Excellent for use in food, pharmaceutical, and textile warehouses due to the modernity and convenience it provides. Allows for the storage of short shelf-life goods and their hassle-free rotation. Goods on these racks move with the help of special roller modules.
  • Drive-in Technical Rack – Its biggest advantage is the maximum utilization of usable space, possible thanks to minimizing transport routes. It is primarily used in warehouses where one type of good is stored, and rotation is high. Using this bolted metal rack for storing goods, one can easily maintain order in the warehouse.
  • Modular Sliding Warehouse Rack – Manages a varied assortment very well. It is easy to access all the goods stored on it, ensuring efficient order fulfillment.

Specialized Bolted Metal Warehouse Racks

In some warehouses, full automation is necessary, provided only by specialized metal warehouse racks. These allow handling various types of assortment without major restrictions.

The specialized metal rack is distinguished mainly by combining features of static and dynamic racks. It is often equipped with rotating equipment that allows for quick rotation of goods and access to those most needed at the moment, due to order picking.

A specialized metal warehouse rack is always custom-made due to the need to fully adapt it to the type of stored assortment. However, you must be aware that its purchase will significantly burden the warehouse budget. Such orders are very expensive but also significantly impact the efficiency of the services performed. We can specially make the highest quality, fully automated modular warehouse racks for you, allowing you to reach a higher level of goods management in the warehouse.

Metal Warehouse Racks – You Must Be Familiar with These Legal Regulations!

Want to invest in metal racks? Great! However, you need to pay attention to the legal issues related to their use in warehouse space. This will allow for a thoughtful investment resulting in business success.

By ordering metal warehouse racks at amRACK, you can enjoy their trouble-free use, while they are created in compliance with stringent legal requirements, making it an investment that simply pays off.

Running a warehouse, you must continually ensure that investments comply with the law. The most interesting provisions should be for you:

  • Regulation of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy from September 26, 1997 – general safety and hygiene regulations at work; risk assessment at the workplace; monitoring the technical condition of equipment and devices; stable securing of racks;
  • Article 207 of the Labor Code – safe and hygienic working conditions;
  • Article 215 of the Labor Code – adaptation of machines and devices to OSH standards, protection against factors dangerous to employees.

Managing warehouse racks purchased at amRACK in a skilled manner, you do not expose yourself to any consequences and can develop in a hassle-free way. This guarantees success in the industry in which you operate.

Take advantage of our employees’ advice to tailor the modular warehouse rack to the specifics of your operations

By choosing the right type of racks, you ensure hassle-free storage of goods in quantities tailored to your needs. You can provide them with proper conditions where they do not lose their valuable properties. Skillful distribution of goods on pallets and shelves also positively affects the structure itself, which is not overly burdened.

Every bolted metal rack has its strength, and you should not habitually exceed the norms, as this could result in a serious accident. Inform our employee about your needs, and you will be offered industrial metal racks that meet all expectations in terms of dimensions and capacity.

Providing a current warehouse project will be a great help for amRACK consultants. They will advise whether static, dynamic, or specialized galvanized warehouse racks would work best in the proposed layout. Remember, we only provide suggestions, while you decide which final metal warehouse racks will power your facility.