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Drive-In Racks with a Mobile Platform

Which Drive-In Racks to Choose?

Among the most useful and user-tailored storage solutions are undoubtedly drive-in racks (also known as mobile racks). They excel in any modern warehouse aiming to maximize space utilization.

amRACK Drive-In Racks with a Mobile Platform

You can enjoy having functional racks at your disposal, where arranging goods is safe and convenient.

User-Customized Drive-In Racks

A modern and functional drive-in rack is tailored to user needs. Thus, the mobile platform should prove ideal for anyone seeking it. Drive-in racks with a mobile platform are those that allow goods to be easily loaded onto the racks and arranged in a secure manner.

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See also: drive-in racks.

These are intended for storing goods on pallets, most often following the FIFO principle—first in, first out—or alternatively using the LIFO rule—last in, first out. Drive-in racks with a mobile platform are particularly useful where there is a need to store a large number of pallets with a small variety of items—such as in the food industry. The design of these racks is an evolution of classic drive-in racks, with the difference that mobile platforms perform the work inside the racks, and forklifts only serve to supply the platform. These racks are most commonly used in coolers and freezers. Drive-in racks with a mobile platform allow for efficient use of warehouse space by reducing the number of transport paths in the warehouse. The efficiency of the racks can be increased by equipping the structure with additional mobile platforms.


  • Increases warehouse space utilization
  • Automatic pallet relocation—optimizes rack capacity
  • Reduces the operating costs of forklifts
  • Shortens the time forklifts spend servicing racks
  • Possible increase in system efficiency by using an additional mobile platform

amRACK rack constructions are available in both powder-coated and galvanized versions

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