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The drive-in racking is intended for the storage of palletized goods, most often in LIFO (last in, first out) management systems; there are optional versions available which support FIFO (first in, first out). The drive-in racking systems perform perfectly whenever there is a need for storing a large number of pallets with a small variety of good types, as in the food processing industry.
These racking systems are common in cold stores and freezers.
The drive-in racking systems help optimise the usage of the warehousing space by reducing the number of transit routes within the premises. The racking can be provided with truck guidance barriers for easier handling operations.


• Improved usage of the warehouse space
• Easy stock-taking
• The second most budget-friendly option after standard racking systems

The amRACK racking structures are available in powder-coated or galvanized versions.

Choose a safe and reliable installation service.

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