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Carton Flow Racks

The Broad Utility of Drive-In Racks as Evidenced by Their Unique Design

Drive-in racks, particularly Carton Flow types, offer an adaptable solution not only for logistics enterprises but also for smaller companies with warehouse space needs. amRACK’s solutions are also suitable for various types of sorting facilities or distribution hubs. Made according to the best designs, amRACK racks are characterized not only by quality but also by exceptional durability and functionality. If you are looking for a solution that will improve efficiency in your warehouse while reducing labor costs, Carton Flow racks will be an excellent choice.

Leverage the Advantages of Carton Flow Racks

The offered racks have a number of specific advantages that make them suitable for use under certain conditions. Their proper use guarantees an improvement in internal warehouse transport, thereby easily increasing its overall efficiency.

Increased Picking Efficiency

Carton Flow type flow racks allow for the rapid transport of small items, which increases picking efficiency. This has a significant impact on order fulfillment zones, where work efficiency is one of the key indicators. It is important to remember that the proposed racks can be used in both larger and smaller warehouses, where they also positively affect the cost-effectiveness of the discussed process.

Cost-Free Goods Transport

Flow racks are the only solution that allows for completely cost-free transport of goods within the warehouse. The inclined beds mean that it is gravity that sets the load in motion. The racks do not require any power supply, thus significantly reducing labor costs.


In creating the Carton Flow flow racks available in our offer, we wanted them to be fully universal. This approach has allowed us to propose a system compatible with constructions from all rack manufacturers. This is a huge advantage, especially when planning to expand existing warehouse infrastructure. The universality of our product is also reflected in the possibility of storing goods of various dimensions on a single roller bed.

Where Do Carton Flow Racks Fit In?

Flow racks are a solution that will find application wherever there is a need for storing a larger number of packages and deconsolidating bulk packages without removing them from the racks – e.g., supplying production, quick order picking. They are intended for storing small items in containers and cartons. Moreover, they will be the best choice in warehouse spaces where the FIFO or LIFO rule applies.

FIFO and LIFO Rules in the Context of Flow Racks

These rules are used in warehouses around the world. Their efficient implementation is enabled precisely by flow racks, including the Carton Flow type.

FIFO (First In – First Out) – according to this rule, the goods that arrived in the warehouse first will also leave it first.

LIFO (Last In – First Out) – this rule dictates that the goods that entered the warehouse last will leave it first. Also known as the stack rule.

Carton Flow Racks by amRACK

Available in the amRACK brand offer, flow racks are made to the highest standards. They are characterized by durability and functionality. Pallet bed constructions are made in a galvanized version, while rollers are most often produced from durable plastic in yellow. Roller beds can be supplied along with the rack structure, or, thanks to a universal adapter, installed on existing racks. We have also prepared a rich assortment of additional elements that increase safety and work comfort, such as separators separating individual goods from each other.

Renowned Brand, High-Quality Products – Choose amRACK

If you want to cooperate with a modern rack brand that always puts the customer’s welfare first – choose the amRACK brand. From the beginning of our activity, we strive to be a solid, trustworthy partner in the eyes of our clients and we can confidently say that we manage to achieve this goal. This is evidenced primarily by a large number of satisfied customers who regularly use the services provided by our company. We make every effort to meet customer expectations and respond promptly to market needs.

amRACK – high-class Carton Flow flow racks – you can trust us. We warmly invite you to contact us – call, write or visit our office, and we will gladly answer every question you have.

Effective Warehouse Space Optimization

The storage systems you find in the amRACK brand offer, including flow racks and rolling warehouse racks. Properly chosen warehouse equipment will ensure that its space is managed properly. Carton Flow racks are worth buying because they can translate into achieving many benefits. What exactly shelf or other racks should you buy? Warehouse racks will ensure safe storage of goods, trouble-free access to them. Why else should you have them? Such shelf racks can simultaneously ensure that products that reach customers are undamaged, look very good and function well. That’s the most important thing. And only thanks to equipping the warehouse with the right quality racks, such an effect will be possible.

They are intended for small goods stored in containers, cartons, and require the application of FIFO – first in, first out, and LIFO – last in, first out rules. Flow racks will find their application everywhere where there is a need to store a large number of packages and deconsolidate bulk packages, without removing the entire package from the racks – e.g., production supply. Thanks to the slope of the beds, gravity is the force that moves the pallets. The FLOW type rack is the only one available on the market that works without energy supply costs. Flow racks can be equipped with elements that increase safety and comfort at work, e.g., separators separating individual assortments from each other. Roller beds can be delivered together with the rack structure or, thanks to a universal adapter, mounted on existing racks.


  • increases picking efficiency
  • easy inventory of goods
  • free transport of packages thanks to the force of gravity
  • universal system compatible with all pallet rack manufacturers
  • the ability to store goods of different dimensions on one roller bed

amRACK pallet bed constructions are made in a galvanized version, rollers are usually made of plastic in yellow.

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