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Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racks for Long Goods Storage

Cantilever racks are designed for storing long items and are ideal for the wood, metal, and plastic industries, such as window profile production.

Wherever the length of goods prevents their storage on standard warehouse shelving, cantilever racks are used. Metal cantilever racks can be operated with forklifts or cranes – special configurations are available.

Cantilever racks are made from structural steel profiles. They offer adjustable storage levels. The arms in cantilever racks can be equipped with end stops, which are used for loosely stored goods, not in packages.

Cantilever Racks in the amRACK Offer

We manufacture metal single-sided cantilever racks – mounted against the warehouse wall – and double-sided cantilever racks. Our lumber racks can be equipped with additional accessories such as grating, boxes, or roofing.


  • Easy assembly, disassembly, and reuse in a different location
  • Modular construction
  • Adjustable levels
  • Ability to store items of various lengths

amRACK cantilever racks can be finished in powder-coated or galvanized versions – typically used for outdoor applications.

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Types of Cantilever Racks at

In the amRACK offer, you will find cantilever racks that meet European FEM and EN standards. They are also constructed according to ISO 9001 certification. The design is carried out using specialized software, allowing for a perfect assessment of load capacity and all issues related to durability. Thus, we can propose a maximally safe cantilever rack that guarantees trouble-free use for many years. Investing in these designs is very cost-effective.

Our extensive range includes many variants of cantilever racks. We primarily offer safe systems for storing long goods, made from high-quality materials. The technologies used in their production make them reliable and fully adapted to user needs. You can choose whether the cantilever racks should be permanently mounted to the ground or be freestanding. Each type offers different storage and utilization possibilities, so it’s essential to know which solutions best fit your needs.

Cantilever Racks at amRACK

Cantilever racks are manufactured in an automated production process using European norms and components with excellent technical parameters. This ensures high quality and consistency. As such, you will find perfectly made cantilever racks in our offer, regardless of which model you choose. Before being sold, the cantilever racks undergo rigorous testing and inspections to confirm their safety for use in any warehouse. We offer:

Freestanding Cantilever Racks

These systems are not connected in any way to the warehouse structure, allowing for greater mobility.

Cantilever Racks Connected to Roofs and Walls

In this case, the storage construction is permanently connected to the roof and walls of the warehouse, allowing for the creation of so-called self-supporting racks.

Shelved Cantilever Racks

Materials are placed on shelves supported by cantilevers. Manual or mechanical handling is possible, depending on the load weight.

Shelf-less Cantilever Racks

It is possible to place goods directly on the cantilevers, and handling is done manually or mechanically.

Structural Features Distinguishing Cantilever Racks

A cantilever rack offers vast configurational possibilities, allowing for full adaptation to personal needs. You can adjust the height of the cantilevers at any time without disassembling the entire arm, which is convenient when the assortment stored changes and more space is needed between levels.

You can enhance warehouse cantilever racks with a rich set of additional equipment to increase their functionality. Mainly, stops and safeguards against goods rolling off are available.

A cantilever rack can quickly be modified from a single-sided to a double-sided version. However, the load should be the same on both sides in this case.

Warehouse cantilever racks make it easy to remove and insert goods, thanks to the conical arms. Loads are protected from damage, increasing the safety of warehouse operations.

Every cantilever rack in our offer meets European safety standards and complies with the most important quality certification.

Main Advantages of Cantilever Racks

We are well aware that our clients appreciate the benefits of choosing one type of rack over another. Besides the primary benefit of storing goods several meters in length, there are several other advantages you will undoubtedly appreciate. Together, they represent the strength of our high-class cantilever racks at amRACK.

Cantilever racks are easy to assemble and mobile

Business situations change dynamically. Today, you are operating here; tomorrow, you might be in a completely different place. A significant advantage of cantilever racks is their easy assembly and disassembly, allowing you to use them in a new location without any trouble. This is not only practical but also an economical solution.

The cantilever rack has a modular structure

The modular structure allows for creating any rack combinations and affects the lower price of the entire system. Anyone who values equipment that allows for quick adaptation to new conditions should appreciate this feature.

Easy adjustment of cantilever rack levels

Many aspects of business adhere to the principle – adapt or perish. The same is true in warehouse logistics. Sometimes, you simply need to change the warehouse’s profile quickly to accept goods. Thanks to the easy level adjustment, cantilever racks can be swiftly adapted to new requirements. This is precisely what adaptation is about.

High Functionality

The above advantages make the cantilever racks in the amRACK offer extremely functional. Their size, construction, and layout allow for the storage of goods of various lengths. Additionally, it is possible to purchase extra accessories, as mentioned earlier.

Cantilever racks meeting the highest quality standards

All cantilever racks you find in the amRACK offer comply with rigorous BHP (Safety and Hygiene at Work) rules, creating a safe space for storing long goods. The best quality materials used in their production and their trouble-free use in many industrial facilities are entirely possible.

The immense advantage of our racks is their comprehensive manual or mechanical service, depending on the assortment’s weight. We are confident that the warehouse cantilever racks will be an indispensable complement to any professional warehouse handling long goods.


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