Cantilever racking is dedicated for the storage of long items. This makes them perfect solutions for the wood, metal and plastic processing industries, as they provide easy storage of prefabricated window profiles or any other goods in units too long to be warehoused on other types of racking. The cantilever racking enable handling of stored goods with forklift trucks, with a special version available for operation with gantry cranes.
The racking is made from steel-mill grade sections and provide storage level height adjustment. The racking cantilevers can be optionally fitted with projection stops for long items stored unbundled in bulk.
We provide one-sided, wall-supported racking of this type as standard, but two-sided racking is also available.
The racking can be provided with a selection of optional accessories, which include deck grating, bins, and canopies.


• Easy installation, removal and reinstallation in another location;
• Modular design
• Adjustable racking level height
• Can accommodate stored goods of various length.

These amRACK racking solutions are available in a powder-coated or galvanized steel finish, where the latter is dedicated to outdoor installation.

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