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About us

Who are we? One might say we are a producer of accessories and a supplier of pallet and shelving racks, but that’s not all. We are more than that – your support in warehouse logistics. The amRACK team consists of people with many years of experience in the top companies in the field of warehouse equipment and design in Poland. Over the years, we have designed and equipped hundreds of warehouses. We focus on comprehensiveness and speed of action – our team will prepare a design for you, as well as handle the execution, delivery, and installation.

We offer you complete solutions in the field of warehouse logistics. There is no room for half measures here; we act comprehensively and we do it well. Let us create a design for your warehouse or simply choose the racks you currently need.

Not sure what will be best for you? We provide expert advice. We are specialists in our field. You don’t have to be, you have other things to take care of!

amRACK – to your benefit.

This is our workflow